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We have worked in different aspects of social services for the past decade. In the last several years, we have had the pleasure of working with the community. During this time, we came to realize these populations often have no family, reside alone, in group homes, or with foster families. There appears to be a breakdown of interaction between adults with disabilities, seniors and the communities in which they reside. These populations are often overlooked and forgotten by their own communities.

Their smiles, stories, and eagerness to be treated as adults inspired us to contribute. In an effort to enhance their quality of life, Stuart and I took a leap of faith and formed our own organization.

I recently visited with a widowed elderly gentleman. When married, he and his wife celebrated their wedding anniversary by spending the weekend at a hotel and going to dinner. After she passed away, he continued the tradition to honor her memory.

He suffers from various illnesses, along with loneliness. On his birthday, I asked what he would like for a gift. He answered simply: “Whataburger!” I proudly delivered to him a Whataburger and a cupcake. He was overjoyed. In my heart, I knew there was more I could do to help support others with similar needs.

Patty and I have made the decision to make a change and serve this mission. Developing this organization is personal for me as I have two physically disabled aunts. Countless times I walked into their care facilities and was disturbed by the care being received. There was a feeling of such helplessness at that time. The lack of care was acceptable with no consequences. I felt a change needed to be made and offer the community a choice.

I envision an organization where caregivers are following a calling rather than filling a space. These adults teach and show us more than we teach or show them. We understand families want what is best for their loved ones and we are driven to provide the best care possible.

Mission And Philosophy

Our Mission

Our mission is to support seniors, adults with disabilities, and their families. We want all individuals to reach their full independence with an emphasis on community involvement by promoting the care for each adult with dignity and respect.

Our Philosophy

 Whether an individual is transitioning out of high school, at home, or living in a nursing home facility, we strive for all to reach their full independence and put the person first before their diagnosis and into a long term quality of life program. 

Thank you to our amazing supporters and sponsors!